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What Is Crypto Dezire?

Crypto Dezire is a Bitcoin trading platform designed for new and experienced traders to hopefully enhance their trading skills and strategies. Furthermore, one of its purposes is to simplify trading by making it possible within a few clicks and taking away the hassle of mundane and repetitive tasks associated with online trading.

When you trade online, you get to choose from a variety of assets. In the case of Bitcoin trading, you will be choosing from Bitcoin pairs. To give you the opportunity of trading with freedom, you will be able to trade on numerous crypto pairs. Having access to trade on them all in one place could hopefully improve your trading experience.

On Crypto Dezire, traders get to enjoy trading conditions that aren’t too taxing. You can leverage your trades and take advantage of market competitive-spreads. Despite the fact that you are trading in the crypto market, you will be able to take any position you like. Whether you would like to go long or short on a position is totally up to you to decide.

The account managers you partner with will not be pushing you in any direction without your approval. They listen to you to understand what your trading goals are. Based on what you describe to them, they give you a trading plan that matches your style and method of trading. Their guidance can help you pick Bitcoin trading opportunities that you are most comfortable with.

One of the tasks that Crypto Dezire for its traders is bringing all the resources in one place for convenient trading. You want to scan financial markets, analyze the charts, or find out what existing trader sentiment is about a particular asset? You can do all of that with the trading tools available to you on the platform.

It may be easy for you to begin trading on this platform because you don’t have to jump right into action. The demo account is there to help you rehearse your trades and trading strategies before you put them to test in the live market. You will be provided with fake money to execute simulated trades so you get a hang of the platform and the typical trading process.

The Future of Bitcoin

You might want to know more about Bitcoin before you start trading on it. Is it a cryptocurrency worth investing in? Should you even consider trading cryptocurrencies or hold back due to the fear that this market might vanish in the future? The truth is that according to some experts, cryptocurrencies aren’t going anywhere and They are here to stay. The recent announcements on government levels from different countries make it clear that they are thinking about adopting cryptocurrencies in one form or another.

Yes, you could debate the regulation of Bitcoin or the cryptocurrency market as a whole. However, the regulation of an asset or security is the proof of its existence and long-term future. The EU has already semi-approved a bill for the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, you have countries like Australia and Japan where you can store Bitcoin as your own property. China has been so against Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but hasn’t backed down from creating its own digital currency. Even Singapore’s stance on cryptocurrencies seemed unclear but the recent statements from higher officials at Singapore’s central bank reveal that the country is creating its own cryptocurrency.

They also have other crypto-based projects and are really looking into tokenized cryptocurrency solutions at government levels. All of these new developments may serve as an evidence that Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market as a whole is here to stay and might even form the basis of world economics in the future.

Bitcoin’s shaky start of 2023 put many in doubt about its resilience, but the pioneering digital currency showed yet again that it’s not a fad. Some experts have already predicted Bitcoin to go as high as $100,000 in the near future. In fact, they are so confident about its progress that they think it will happen sooner than later. Are they in doubt about Bitcoin hitting that price point? Some experts say they aren’t.

Who Can Invest in Bitcoin?

When it comes to investing your money, the question should never be “who”. The real question should be “when”. Bitcoin is an established digital currency today with a market cap of more than $388 billion. A slight increase in its price might shoot its market cap through the roof. It has seen ups and downs. Regulations or no regulations, Bitcoin remains strong and also the most trusted digital currency in the crypto sphere.

For as long as you have a proper investment plan, you can invest in Bitcoin regardless of your financial goals. You might benefit from its daily price movements or keep it with you for many months for the long-term. If you are not putting your entire life’s savings on the line, you might be able to afford making an investment that has proven life-changing for some. Of course, you can’t ignore the risks involved in trading Bitcoin—you could lose all that you invest.

Misconceptions to Get Rid of before Investing in Bitcoin

A lot of new traders have certain misconceptions when they invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. These misconceptions can be detrimental to your trading journey. It’s important to get rid of them before you trade on Crypto Dezire.

Becoming an Overnight Millionaire

Some people think Bitcoin trading can make them rich overnight. Now, it is possible but an extremely rare thing to happen. The more important point is that you may consider not letting it distract you from trading professionally. Bitcoin trading is like trading any other asset or investing in some other type of market. You have to be realistic with your targets and what you can achieve as a trader.

Trading is a skill that you master with time. You will have to read many books, watch videos, and maybe even attend webinars before things start making proper sense to you. A typical trading journey might take you to your financial goals but at a slow and steady pace. How frequently and how successful you might be from your trades depends on your trading strategy. Thinking that you could invest in the market and become rich the next moment is nothing but a misconception.

Leveraging Means Big Gains

Yet again, it is only half true that leveraging your trades might make you successful. When you leverage a trade, In other words, your own investment is pretty small and the bigger chunk of the funds is coming from the broker. As a result, when you compare your possible gains with the amount you invested, the ratio you get may look pretty impressive.

However, on the flip side, the same leverage can cause you to lose money because you will lose money on your position as a whole. Usually, there is a margin requirement that restricts you to keep a specific amount of money before you enter a leveraged trade.

Broker Will Minimize Losses

This point should be understood before you sign up with Crypto Dezire. You might hear people say that when you partner with the right broker, they will minimize your losses. However, that’s not the case. For example, when you sign up on Crypto Dezire and partner with a broker, they only tell you the trading opportunities that are in line with the trading preferences you have set. At the end of the day, you are making the decisions, not the broker. Additionally, the misconception usually comes from the fact that you have many trading tools on the platform that might help you control your losses.

Now, there is a huge difference between setting limits and being able to minimize losses. You can have some level of control on your losses when you use certain tools and trading techniques. For example, you could use the stop-loss technique to define a loss percentage after which you want the platform to close the trade to avoid further loss. Yes, you were able to prevent yourself from losing more money, but you were not able to avoid the loss or predict it with certainty.

Using Fundamental Analysis to Trade on Bitcoin

A trader would use different types of methods to forecast the price of an asset. It does not matter which market you are in, these fundamentals are always the same. They may have many sub-processes and branched out methods of calculation, but the main way to analyze an asset is either fundamental or technical.

What if you were more inclined towards fundamental analysis? Sure, you can use this method for forecasting Bitcoin prices. Here is how you will fundamentally analyze Bitcoin.

Supply and Market Cap

As part of fundamental analysis, you have to look at the intrinsic value of the project/company. In this case, consider Bitcoin the project. One of the ways you find out the value of any cryptocurrency is to know its supply in the market and total market capitalization. As a rule of thumb, you want to be looking for a high percentage. In the case of Bitcoin, it’s circulating supply is already above 90%, which may be an indication of good circulating supply. When it comes to market cap, there is no debate since this digital currency has the biggest market cap in the world and it has been that way for years.

Crypto Network and Utility

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, you always want to keep an eye on them on social media. How well is the digital currency represented across various social networking platforms? Furthermore, you have to know the utility of the coin, which you can find out by knowing how much it is accepted worldwide.

Bitcoin is acceptable in most countries and considered wealth and legal tender in some. There are some online retailers that would accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. When you take these things into account, there is no other digital currency whose utility is as high as Bitcoin’s.

Regulation and Exchange Listing

Last but not least, you have to look at the regulation surrounding the digital currency. One of the things that have always worked in favor of Bitcoin is that it is purely a currency. Many other crypto concepts and projects have been in the line of fire because they were securities but didn’t accept that fact. On the other hand, Bitcoin is a currency, not a security and thus regulation around it is not that tight.

Also, you’ll hardly find a crypto exchange that doesn’t have Bitcoin listed on it. All of this goes to show that Bitcoin may still be a suitable investment for anyone who is prepared to learn, have realistic financial expectations, and trade digital currencies.

Bitcoin Trading – Advantages and Disadvantages

When the market goes up, it might offer gains. But the same applies when it goes down. Bitcoin can experience up to 20% movement in value within a day.

By trading on Bitcoin, you will be trading on a digital currency that some experts agree has a very shiny future.

The population investing in Bitcoin consists of many new investors and first-timers. As a result, they can often overreact to regulation news or other media hype.

Bitcoin trading allows you to trade on it against many major fiat currencies. That’s a luxury you might not be able to enjoy while trading on a few other cryptos.

If you wish to start, you can sign up to start your Bitcoin trading journey.


What is Bitcoin market cap?

The market cap is calculated by multiplying the number of coins circulating in the market with the price of one coin.

What is diluted market cap?

Multiply the price of the coin with the maximum supply of the coin that’s possible. In the case of Bitcoin, 21 million is the maximum number of Bitcoins that can exist.

What is proof of work consensus?

It is a way to mine a new coin and validate a transaction in which the node that works the most gets to validate the new block.

What is Bitcoin whitepaper?

Whitepaper is the document that explains the purpose, objective, scope, and roadmap of any cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has its own whitepaper too.

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