About Crypto Dezire

A Platform Letting Traders of All Backgrounds Trade on Bitcoin without Breaking the Bank.

How Crypto Dezire Was Created

Necessity is the mother of invention and that’s exactly why Crypto Dezire was created. The founder of Crypto Dezire wanted to understand what the blockchain was, how cryptocurrencies worked, and what made Bitcoin unique. After going through several learning materials, he had finally made up his mind to become a part of this market by investing in it.

However, he was frequently asked by his friends about his work and that’s what gave him the idea that he didn’t need to keep his knowledge to himself. The problem was that he could only teach them but not guide them on every step of the way so they could avoid making big mistakes while trading. After a year of thinking, he realized he needed to convert everything into a digital form. He began working on Crypto Dezire with a fellow developer and completed the project in two years.

In 2017, he had created a trading platform that brought in one place all that he had learned about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. It was like a package that included everything for an aspiring trader, from learning how to trade to executing complex trading strategies.

Why Crypto Dezire Created

After testing his trading strategies in the market and improving them with time, the founder of Crypto Dezire had realized that he needed to let others take a shot at it too. He had taken years learning about Bitcoin but he wanted people to get started as soon as possible. He knew that if people took as much time as he did to learn Bitcoin trading, they could miss the boat.

As a result of that, he worked with a developer to get everything in the form of an online trading platform. On this platform, people had access to everything that could get them started with Bitcoin trading within hours if not days.

What’s the Crypto Dezire Mission

The mission is to remove hurdles from people’s way so they can start trading on Bitcoin. The platform aims to provide every trader in the world with a starting point and a trading environment where traders might grow into mature investors.